Prof. Dr. Hasan Gümral




 Undergraduate level: Calculus for Engineers I,II, Calculus for Math
Students I,II, Calculus for Health Sciences, Calculus III, Analytic Geometry,
Di erential Equations, Ordinary Di erential Equations, Advanced
Ordinary Di erential Equations, Linear Algebra, Linear spaces, Matrix
algebra, Elementary Di erential Geometry, Calculus on Manifolds,
Geometries, Mathematical Foundations of Thermodynamics, Graduate
level: Geometry of Di eomorphism Groups (Yeditepe University)

 Lectures on Symplectic Geometry, in: Research Semester on Geometry
and Integrability, Feza Gursey Institute, Spring 1999.

 Organizer of the regular seminars in 1999-2000 academic year (FGI).

 Member of the organizing commitee of Special Program on Geometry
and Topology, FGI, Spring 2000.

 Lectures on Plasma Physics Geometry, in Research Semester on Qualitative
Theory of Nonlinear Partial Di erential Equations, FGI, Spring

 Calculus for Mathematics Students III (Bogazici University).

 Teaching assistant to the second year course: Linear Algebra (Bilkent

 Teaching assistant to mechanics, electric, optic laboratories (ITU).

 Science (physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology) courses to first encounters

 Teaching assistant to mechanics, electric, optic laboratories and the
second year course: Mathematical Methods of Physics (METU).